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Gränsfors Bruks Hand Forged Mini Hatchet

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Gränsfors Bruks has a huge power hammer on which some very fine axes are forged. The axes being built today are unlike the hundreds of models made in Sweden 100 years ago. Each model was made exactly alike and ground smooth, polished, painted and labeled. That industry is dead and I think that the huge hammer mentioned above is left over from that time. It is brilliant that Gransfors Bruks has now built a business making axes for hunters, post & beam builders, wood carvers and others who still need fine axes today.

European Axes have swept the market for the past few years, and this neat little hatchet from Sweden has been one of the most popular. A great size, with an American Hickory handle that measures only 10-1⁄2" long with a hand forged 4-1⁄4" head of high carbon steel with a 2-1⁄2" cutting edge. Each hatchet is hand forged by the same smith and is marked with his initials beside the Gränsfors-Bruks™ crown label. Weighs 13 oz. Leather sheath. Hand forged in Sweden.

I suggest you coat with "RustFree" before putting it away.

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