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Randall Model 25 Leather & Desert Ironwood

$ 660.00


Item: RA-M25DI



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The Randall Model 25, with what has become known as the Model 25 handle, made up of leather washers and usually India Stag, is possibly the most beautiful knife Randall makes. For several years, we had them make this knife with a handle of Leather and our own Maple Burl, which we had dyed to our color specifications. This made a very striking knife. We are currently unable to get that special color in Maple Burl, so we have ordered Randall's version with Desert Ironwood. While ironwood is darker, and the grain is less obvious, it makes a strikingly beautiful knife.

This knife is available directly from Randall, but the Randall shop remains so busy that it is now taking over 3 years to get a knife directly from them. For anyone wanting to order directly from Randall the price will be lower but the wait much longer. No two Randall Made knives are exactly alike, no jigs or patterns are used in their final construction. Large-scale commercial production with this kind of attention to detail is not feasible and that's why knives of this unique quality are not widely available.

The 5" drop point hunter blade is made from 1/4" O1 high carbon tool steel (not stainless). (We recommend RustFree™ to protect your blade from rust. Order RF125 . . . . $6.95) The handle is Leather and Desert Ironwood with brass hilt, butt and spacers. Measures 9-1/4" and weighs 10 oz. Handmade in Orlando, Fl.

Due to Randall's high volume of orders, if not on our shelves when you order, delivery of Randall knives ordered from A. G. Russell is currently taking 5 to 6 months. If ordered directly from Randall the wait is currently about 5 years.

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