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Customer Testimonials

Caiman Leather Money Clip Wallet - Disappointed in the durability— It is tearing at the seam. Ordered 12/18 for Xmas and has barely lasted a year. Rating 2/10.
[Of course we are going to replace the wallet with a new one with our Satisfaction Guarantee - probably the stitching on this one was just slightly off]

Darlys B. Burlington, IA

Cashmere leather glasses case with clip OSM-1766BK - IT FIT MY STYLE. Rating: 9/10

James L. Newport News, VA

TXS-BC26  Leather Belt - Texas Saddlery - A beautiful thick and robust belt, great workmanship at a remarkably affordable price. Highly recommended!
Rating: 10/10

Robert P. Mountlake Terrace, WA

Safety First Gun Magnet - This is my second one! I was so impressed with the quality and strength of the magnet, I am ordering another one. Rating: 10/10.

Priscilla M. Riverside, RI

The Slim locking Bison Leather waist pack came with a velcro holster, clearly made to attach to velcro inside the concealed carry locking pocket.  Yet there is no velcro inside the pocket to attach it to.   The holster is of no value whatsoever, mostly a hindrance if used with this waist pack.  With no velcro inside to hold it in place, Drawing the gun out of the pocket brings the holster out too, still attached to the gun.
I bought this waist pack because it has a lock on it.  The one I bought years ago (the cowhide version) was invaluable.  My mother with Alzheimer's got hold of the pack and did her best to unzip the locked pocket, but was unable to.  Now I have grandchildren that I want to protect from accessing my gun, so I want a locking waist pack.  My old locking pack has holes through the bottom of the pocket after years of carrying my gun in it., so I thought if I bought the one made of bison leather this time it would last longer..
Either don't include a holster, or provide velcro inside the pack to hold the holster in place.  Without corresponding velcro to attach the holster to, it is of absolutely no value whatsoever.  The pack is usable without the holster, the one I bought before didn't have a holster, but that is why the gun wore holes in the bottom, When I saw the holster, I was so pleased because that would clearly make the pack last longer.  My hopes were then dashed when I realized there was no way to attach the holster.  I seriously considered returning the waist pack, but now rather than being pleased with my replacement, I am disappointed.  So my rating is probably unfair.  Had you not included the holster, I would have rated it a 10. Rating: 8/10

Judy P. Brazil, IN

I like this hat but I the area above the brim is thin and sags. Is there anything that could be applied to stiffen the material so it didn't look like I just pulled it out of my pocket?
If it didn't look like it had been crushed, I'd like it even more.
the material is thin and does not hold its shape.
Rating: 5/10.

James L. Battle Creek, MI

Can't say enough good about those [European] nail clippers. I've had a pair in my pocket for years. Always handy, never let me down.

Roger W. Perry, NY

Buck Stitch Lamb Leather Vest Item # SLY-V259: The vest is DREAMY! I asked my husband of 28 years if he would marry again when he tried it on with his boots and an oxford!! Also, I chose the wrong size online. I called, and customer service was super nice, making sure the correct size was sent. Also... the item arrived here FAST and in great shape!!! Thank you, Russells! Love the leather, the length, the stitching, the overall fit, the quality, the color... there isn't anything we don't like about this vest!!! Rating: 10/10

Shelly M. Las Vegas, NV

Extremely satisfied! I bought the small nickel silver box with turqoise (Jal-15TQ). Very nicely finished and attractive! Very please that the interior is lined. Rating 10/10!

Kenneth M. Wilton, CA

Love the look and durability of Rayskin Wallets. I have given these as gifts over the years and it is an excellent product. Have received many compliments on them. Rating 10/10

Henry K. Myrtle Beach, SC

Great selection of interesting products for Men I've bought and enjoyed many items. Thanks Tim J.

Tim J. Concord, CA

I thought your representative was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I do not always enjoy working with customer relations people. I can understand why they have a hard time dealing with some customers. Some can get very irritable trying to get their point across. I feel your people don't need any help in dealing with customers. They are already doing a fine job.

Rob B. Pigeon, MI

They have a great selection of gifts that are unique and are perfect for my husband and teens.

Becky R. NA

I purchased the leather and wool briefcase from your company. Very friendly lady that took my order. Came Fed Ex very quickly after ordering. I was stunned how nice the product was made, and looked. Far nicer than I expected. Very, very happy with the purchase. Thank you.

Lynn J. Sisters, OR

Buffalo gun rug: Quality materials, superior craftsmanship! I wouldn't change anything.....I’m buying 3 more! Rated 10/10

Brian H. Vermillion, OH

The Desert Ironwood Eagle Bust is unquestionably the finest likeness and rendition I have seen of a Bald eagle head torso. The desert ironwood is of the highest quality and beautiful grain. I am a collector of Bald Eagle art works and wall hangings. Rated 10/10

John I. Los Banos, CA

I ordered the canvas concealment vest on the 12th. I received it today, the 15th. Your company is awesome! Service and products are top notch! Thank you for being a company I can trust!!!

Marcia A. Agency, MO

I work in very dirty environment, cement, fiberglass, grinding etc and I've worn the Lure eyes titanium frame sunglasses for years and never had to tighten a screw or any maintenance. I'm buying my second pair because my first is absolutely chipped and gooey and I can barely see out of them but they lasted all these years, they're weightless and dark enough for the Arizona Sun, I love them! Rating: 10/10

James S. Tucson, AZ

I've always been able to expect top quality items from Russell's for Men, but this Handmade Leather Utility Bag raises the bar to new heights. I considered it for a few months before actually making my purchase, wondering if it would be large enough, but I can say now that it easily holds enough for most weekend getaways. The leather is uncommonly thick and smells great. This heirloom quality is almost impossible to find anymore and well worth the price. I couldn't be happier with it! Changes: The cinch down straps on the ends could stand to be slightly longer to make it easier when the bag is pack full, but this is a small nit. Rating: 10/10

Neal D. Mendota Heights, MN

Actually, the Rhino Canvas Satchel is excellent. What I did not like is that your site failed to notice/mention the Velcro tear open concealed handgun carry compartment on the back of it! There is an insert available for the concealed carry compartment which holds in place one handgun plus mag. Had you mentioned that I do believe that you would have sold many more. Rating 10/10

Philip S. Jennings, LA

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